In order to be successful, someone who is subject to rules must know to what rules he is subject.

It is surprising the number of offenders that simply do not know the rules with which they are required to comply. This is especially dangerous not only for the offender, but to each potential victim, and for the community as a whole. It only makes sense that offenders who know their rules are less likely to violate the terms of their supervision.

Educating yourself about the terms and conditions of your supervision, and about how your treatment is conducted, will help you protect yourself and be successful. In fact, one treatment provider even claims they "expect and encourage you to obtain knowledge of the procedures, goals, and possible side effects of psychotherapy."† Isn't it clear that it's in your best interest to know what's going on?
† Clinical Associates, P.A. website

Documents available for download from this page: More information: IMPP   KAR

Wayward Sons suggests keeping a copy of your judgement and sentence (from your judge) with you, as well as any current registration documents, if you are required to register as an offender. Having these documents could be in your best interest if you're ever in a situation you might need them.

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August 25, 2016

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